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Numbers and Symbols


(919) 833-1253 (Raleigh, NC) 931 
At 10:00 pm on 23/11/63 Oswald was questioned briefly by Captain Fritz and at 10:45 pm asked permission once again to use the telephone. He entered the jail telephone booth,lifted the handset, and asked to place a long distance call. The operator who placed the call was Louise G. Swinney, supervisor of the Dallas City Hall telephone operators, while operator Alveeta A. Treon listened in. Oswald gave Mrs. Swinney two telephone
numbers in Raleigh, North Carolina: (919) 834-7430 and (919) 833-1253.

(919) 834-7430 (John David Hurt) 

 At 10:00 pm Oswald was questioned briefly by Captain Fritz and at 10:45 pm
asked permission once again to use the telephone. He entered the jail telephone booth,
lifted the handset, and asked to place a long distance call. T he operator who placed the
call was Louise G. Swinney, supervisor of the Dallas City Hall telephone operators,
while operator Alveeta A. Treon listened in. Oswald gave Mrs. Swinney two telephone
numbers in Raleigh, North Carolina: (919) 834-7430 and (919) 833-1253. Mrs. Swinney
wrote down the numbers, alerted the two unidentified men who were eavesdropping
in the next room, and began to dial the first number. W here did Oswald get these phone
numbers.P There is no indication that he asked for a long distance information operator (free of
charge in 1963 ), and appears he knew these numbers from memory.

Mrs. Treon remembered when Oswald tried to place the call and told the
HSCA, "I was dumbfounded at what happened next. Mrs. Swinney opened the ( telephone)
key to Oswald and told him, 'I'm sorry, the number doesn't answer.' She then
unplugged and disconnected Oswald without ever really trying to put the call through.
A few moments later Mrs. Swinney tore the page off her notation and threw it into the
wastebasket." T he HSCA reported, "Her (Mrs. Treon's) lasting impression of the events
that night is that Mrs. Swinney had been instructed by someone to not put the call
through for Oswald." 248
NOTE: Mrs. Swinneys actions clearly indicate she was ordered not to complete the call,
probably by the two unidentified men in the next room. Neither the Warren Commission,
FBI, or Dallas Police made any attempt to identify these men, who knew the identify of
each person Oswald telephoned and the substance of each conversation. If the two unidentified
men knew that Oswald was working as an undercover agent for the US government
(CIA), and either knew or suspected that the person in Raleigh, North Carolina
was his contact, then they would not want any call to this man completed.
At 11:00 pm Mrs. Swinney left work and Mrs. Treon retrieved the note from the
wastebasket, which listed the phone numbers in N ort�� Carolina. She copied the information
onto a standard telephone operator's slip and wrote two phone numbers from
Raleigh, North Carolina-(919) 834-7430, (919) 833-1253-and the name, "John Hurt." Nov
John Hurt told HSCA investigators that he had phone number 919-834-7430
for the last 20 years. 249
Nov 22/23-56

1009 Sierra Drive (Denton, Texas)

On February 8, 1964 Marina left Washington, DC and returned to her manager's
home in Dallas (Jim Martin). The next day, after conferring with Robert Oswald, Marina
and her two children moved into Robert's home at 1009 Sierra Drive in Denton,

101 San Saba (Benbrook, TX)

 26, 27, 29,30,34,38,40 

1010 Bartholomew (NO) 

 On March 5, 1941 Marguerite purchased a small house at 1010 Bartholomew for
$1300 and moved in with her three sons. Viola Peterman, a neighbor, recalled that
Marguerite kept mostly to herself. Mrs. Peterman regarded her as a good mother to her
children, as did Myrtle and Julian Evans. John Pic remembered that Marguerite opened
a small shop in the front part of the house, named it "Oswald's Notion Shop," and "sold
spools of thread and needles."26 The business venture, however, was not successful and
soon closed.

1013 5th Avenue (FW)

In October, following Lee Oswald's departure for Europe, Marguerite Oswald had moved from 3124 W. 5th to 1013 5th Avenue

1013 W. 5th (FW)


1025 Elm Street (Dallas)

The clerical and professional office of the Texas Employment Commission (TEC) was located at 1025 Elm Street in downtown Dallas.
 414, 714, 720 

1026 N. Beckley (Oak Cliff) 

163, 580, 581,611,617,713,723,724,725,
726, 729, 737, 739, 746, 765, 770,

1031 W. 5th (FW) 


104 Ave. C, East Meadow (NY) 

On September 25, 1958 John Pic re-enlisted in the USAF and listed his address
as "c/o M. Oswald, 3006 Bristol Road in Fort Worth." He listed his wife's address as 104
Avenue C in East Meadow, NY. 71

1045 N. Zang (Oak Cliff) 

On November 8 (Friday) a young man walked into the Tower Insurance office
at 1045 North Zang in Oak Cliff and spoke with Edward A. Brand, the owner of the
agency. The man identified himself as "O.H. Lee" and said he lived directly across the
street in a rooming house owned by A.C. Johnson. Brand saw Oswald's driver's license
and believed the last name on the license was "Lee," but did not notice the man's first
name or initials. Nov, 63-07

lOth St. Barber Shop (Oak Cliff) 

Shortly after 1:00 pm Lee Oswald, wearing a white -shirt and light-colored jacket,
walked past the 1Oth St. Barber Shop at 620 E. 1Oth.
Mr. Clark, one of the barbers, was the 1st witness to see Oswald walking west on 1Oth Street, 4 blocks east of 1Oth & Patton. The FBI reported that Clark, "Had seen a man whom he would bet his life on was Oswald passing the shop in a great hurry and had commented on same to a
customer in the chair."217 Novzz-67

1101 N. Beckley (Oak Cliff) 

On the evening of November 20, about 11:00 pm, Lee Harvey Oswald walked
one block north of his rooming house to Reno's Speed Wash at 1101 N. Beckley and
was seen by the janitor, Joseph Johnson, reading magazines until midnight. The merchant
patrolman hired by Reno's asked Oswald to leave at midnight as the laundry was
closing. Johnson said that Oswald did not immediately leave, but sat reading magazines
for an additional five minutes before picking up his laundry and departing.187

1106 Diceman (Oak Cliff) 

 1106 Diceman Avenue
In late March architect Daniel Thomas McGown flew from his hometown of
Memphis to Austin, Texas to review plans for a new building at the University of Texas.
Following his review McGown rented a car and drove to Fort Worth on Friday, March
29 and had dinner with his cousin, attorney George Q. McGown.
After dinner Daniel telephoned his wife in Memphis and wished her happy
birthday. He then drove to Dallas and rented a room at the Adolphus Hotel so that he
could be closer to Love Field for his flight home the next day. Shortly before midnight
McGown walked across the street to the Carousel Club. As he walked up the stairs to
the second floor he was told by a stocky, heavy-set man the club was closing for the
The next morning (March 30) McGown returned to the entrance of the Carrousel
Club to look at photographs of the strip-tease dancers when a man crowded in between
him and the display cases. McGown said:
"As I was standing there looking at the display case a man crowded in between
me and the display case-apparently to see what I was looking at. As he moved
on around to leave, he accidentlly knocked all of the mail out of the mailbox that
was on the door. The mail that was scattered over the floor of the entry was a
couple of magazines, a few large pieces of mail and three letters of the same size
envelopes all addressed to the same person: 'Jake Rubenstein.' All of the senders
appeared to be girls names-two of the letters return addresses were in Fort
Worth but the other was from a Dallas address. The Dallas letter interested me
or rather caught my attention because the name read 'Lee Oswald' and I had a
friend in Memphis with the same last name (McGown's friend from Memphis
was a former member of the Board of Education named Felix Oswalt). The
thought occurred to me that these letters were applicants for performers in the
Carrousel and that Jake Rubenstein was the manager who turned me away the
night before. I made a mental note of the street address which was Diceman
Street. I do not remember the number. I do not believe that at that moment I
definitely planned to go to that address but I wanted to sight see some of Dallas
as my flight time was mid-afternoon. After driving about for sometime and
studying the city map (a 1962 map which he kept) I found I was very close to
Diceman Street. I thought I might drop by and see if Lee Oswald was related
to my friend and also see if she was an applicant for a performing strip-tease
artist. I found the address which was a ty pical newly constructed apartment,
having entrances along one side with a balcony walk for the second floor. The
mail box directory was close to the street and when I found the Oswald box I
discovered the name 'Harvey' was included-so, I had misinterpreted the name
on the letter as being female-I left immediately and did not attempt to make a
call." 12
NOTE: In late March 1963, while Lee Harvey Oswald was living in an apartment at
1106 Diceman Avenue, Harvey Oswald and Marina were living several miles away at
214 W. Neely.

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111 Sherwood Forest Dr. (NO) 

In 1942, Marguerite Oswald moved from 831 Pauline Street, NO,  to 111 Sherwood Forest
Drive, close to her older sister, Lillian M urret, who lived at 119 Sherwood Forest Drive.

1111 Herring Avenue (Waco, TX)
When Marguerite Oswald met with FBI agent John Fain she told him that she was employed by the Methodist Orphans Home, located at 1111 Herring Avenue in Waco, under the name Mrs. Edward Lee Oswald
 294, 295

1117 Canal Street (NO)

Burt's Shoe Store, 1117 Canal Street

1121 Pine Street (NO)

When  Lt. Francis Martello saw Oswald's FPCC handbills it reminded him of similar literature that was recently found near the residence of Dr. Leonard Reiss man, who lived at 1121 Pine Street, and was a Professor at Tulane University.

112th Intelligence Corps Group 


114 W. 7th (Mack's Automotive)) 

 At 2:00pm on November 22 Mr. T.F. White was working at Mack's Automobile
Service at 114 W. 7th Street, 1 block south of Davis Street and 6 blocks north of the
Texas Theater. From his garage Mr. White noticed a 1961 red Ford Falcon speeding
west on Davis Street, and saw the same car a short while later as it drove into the El
Chico Restaurant parking lot across the street.

120 N. Telemachus (NO) 13, 133 

During their early years of marriage Robert and Margaret (Keating) Oswald
lived at 120 N. Telemachus with Margaret's stepfather, E. L. Slattery.
The name Margaret Keating and her address, 120 N.
Telemachus Street, appear in New Orleans City Directories, telephone books, voter
registration records, etc., from 1933 thru the early 1960's.
In the 1956 New Orleans City Directory, which records listings for the last half
of 1955, the directory listed her as "Margt. Oswald," 120 N. Telemachus Street, New
Orleans. 55-21 This is the only occasion where the name "Margaret Keating" appears as
Margt. Oswald-a name she had not used for the past 23 years.

1200 North Alma Rd (Collins Radio)

Collins Radio was located at 1200 North Alma Road in Richardson, Texas and
held major communications contracts for the military and CIA, including the installation
of communications towers in Vietnam.

1206 Ross Avenue (Dallas) 

Industrial office of the Texas Employment
Commission (TEC) at 1206 Ross Avenue in Dallas
414, 709, 717 

1208 Commerce (Dallas) 

Allright Parking System located at 1208 Commerce Street in Dallas.

1208 St. Charles Ave. (NO) 

During the first week of August, Lee Harvey Oswald visited the Modern Language
Institute, 1208 St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, and spoke with Arnesto
Rodriguez, President of the Institute. He asked a few questions about the courses offered
and then asked if Rodriguez was Cuban, explaining that he was interested in
Cuban people who lived in New Orleans.

1209 El Dorado (Oak Cliff) 

During the middle of October, Lee Harvey Oswald dropped off a tie, white shirt,
and black pair of pants for cleaning at Gray's Cleaners, 1209 El Dorado (less than a block
north of Oswald's rooming house on Beckley).

1221 N. Beckley (Oak Cliff) 

Dobbs House Restaurant, 1221 N.
Beckley (two blocks north of Oswald's rooming house), which was three miles north of
Redbird Airport.781

1227 Davis (Tidy Lady Launderette)
On November 22, prior to 1:00pm., John Wesley and Oda Pennington walked
from their residence to the Tidy Lady Laundry at the corner of Davis and North Clinton
(1227 Davis). They were alone in the self-service laundry when a light-colored station
wagon arrived and parked on the east side of North Clinton, just north of Davis (by the
831 side door of the laundromat). A young white male emerged from the car and began
walking west on DavisAfter walking past the entrance the man turned around and entered the

124 Camp Street NO) 

 International Trade Mart, located at 124 Camp Street.

1242 Congress (NO)
On November 12, 1940,  Marguerite Oswald rented a house at 1242 Congress from Mrs. Fred Huff and transferred the boys to nearby George Washington Elementary School. 
WC Exhibit 2202; FBI interview of Mrs. Fred Huff by SA William F. McDonald, 12/09/63.

126 Exchange Place (NO)

72, 86, 108, 109, 110, 112, 113, 115, 116, 117,
119, 120, 121, 122, 164, 174, 194,

1312 l/2 Commerce (Dallas) 

Address of Jack Ruby's Carousel Club at 1312 1/2 Commerce (Commerce and Field).

1322 Commerce (Dallas) 

Enrique Shine and Press Shop at 1322 Commerce (three doors from the Carousel Club) owned by Dave Miller.

133-A (backyard photo)

 484, 491, 492, 493,497,498,499,501,502

133-B (backyard photo)

 491, 493, 496,

133-C(backyard photo)

 492, 498, 499, 502 

 13564 Brookgreen Drive, Dallas,
 Dallas address of Ralph Leon Yates.

136 Elmeer Place (Metairie) 

In the summer of 1963, Oswald boarded a city bus and traveled to 136 Elmeer Place, in nearby Metarie, 533 LA., and introduced himself to Hazel Oswald, the second wife of
William S. Oswald, brother of Robert Edward Lee Oswald (father of Lee Harvey


1404 N. Beckley (Oak Cliff)

When Oswald moved out of the YMCA, he moved to South Oak Cliff in Dallas. Gary Taylor  told the Warren Commission that he remembered Oswald was living at the "Coz-1-Eight Apartments," 1404 North Beckley, in South Oak Cliff.134 Confirmed by the recollections of George Bouhe.
WC testimony of Gary Taylor, p 150.

14057 Brookcrest (Dallas) 

 Mrs. Declan (Katya) Ford at 14057 Brookcrest in Dallas.
422, 977

1407 8th Avenue (FW) 

When Marguerite Oswald returned to Fort Worth in 1960 she rented a small apartment at 1407 8th Avenue from Herman Manthey on July 1 and began selling Avon Products.37

1410 Hurley (FW) 

292, 293, 297, 300

1412 W. Ohio (Bush, George H.W. "Poppy"; Zapata) 

In DeMohrenschildt's personal telephone book was
the entry "Bush. George H.W. (Poppy) 1412 W. Ohio, also Zapata Petroleum, Midland."
Bush lived at this address in Midland, Texas from 1953 to 1959, and probably knew
DeMohrenschildt for over 20 years.

1452 St. Marys (NO) 

81, 82, 85, 87, 88,
90,94, 103,109

1454 St. Marys (NO) 536

Myrtle Evans and her husband Julian owned a large, old house at 1454 St. Marys which contained 27 rooms (apartments). Myrtle told the Warren Commission, "She (Marguerite) was at her sisters (Lillian Murret's). She was looking for an apartment ...... She called me and asked about an apartment, and I told her I could give her an apartment, and that I would let her have it cheaper than I would somebody else that I didn't know.

1455 Sheridan (NY) 48
In 1952, Marguerite and Lee moved out of the Pic's apartment and into a basement apartment (Apt F) in a 7 story, tan brick building located at 1455 Sheridan in the Bronx.

1483 North Claiborne (NO)
On January 20, 1961, while Lee Harvey Oswald was in Minsk, two men visited the Bolton
Ford dealership at 1483 North Claiborne in New Orleans. T hey spoke with Assistant
Manager Oscar Deslatte and said they were interested in purchasing 10 Ford Econoline
WC Document 75, p. 677-678; FBI interview of Oscar W. Deslatte by SA William F. McDonald, 11125/63.

149 East Irving Blvd (Irving, TX) 

Furniture Mart-Irving, Texas. The building
was located at the intersection of Irving Boulevard and Jefferson Street (149 East
Irving Blvd.), about a mile and a half northeast of Ruth Paine's house.


1501 7th Avenue (FW) 

 In May, 1962, Marguerite returned to Fort Worth and rented apartment #101 at the Rotary Apartments, 1501 W. 7th. T he manager of the apartments, Mr. L. R. Huffman, remembered that
'Marguerite" worked regularly as a practical nurse.
At Louv-R-Pak Oswald filled out an application for employment and listed his
home address as 1501 7th Avenue (Rotary Apartments), his phone number as PE 23245,
and gave Peter P. Gregory as a personal reference. 58
WE Exhibit 2189

1502 N. Zang Blvd (GLOCO Station)
T he Good Luck Oil COmpany Station (GLOCO) was at the south end of the
Houston Street Viaduct, located at 1502 N. Zang Blvd. in Oak Cliff. Officer J.D. Tippit
arrived at the station in his patrol car about 12:40 pm, only minutes before Cecil
McWatter's bus was scheduled to arrive at the corner of Zang and Marsalis, and sat in his police car watching cars as they crossed over the Houston Street Viaduct.
Photographer Al Volkland and his wife( Lou) both knew Tippit and said they saw
and waved to him at the GLOCO station fifteen or twenty minutes after the assassination
(circa 12:45-12:50 pm). Three employees of the GLOCO station, Tom Mullins,
Emmett Hollingshead, and J.B. "Shorty " Lewis, also knew Tippit, confirmed the
Volkland 's story, ��nd remembered that he sat in his car at the station for approximately
10 minutes.
William Turner, Ramparts, November, 1966.

1505 8th Avenue (FW) 

While Marguerite was residing in Covington, Edwin Ekdahl moved out of the
Worth Hotel and into an apartment at 1505 8th Avenue in Fort Worth, apparently with
another woman.
24, 33

1517 Commerce (Dallas)

Sol's Turf Bar.  1517Commerce Street

1605 8th Avenue (FW) 

On March 22, 1960 "Marguerite Oswald" allegedly filled out, signed, and mailed
Oswald's 1959 1040A short form which had the address 1605 8th Ave. Fort Worth, Tex
 290, 291, 293

1612 Hurley (FW) 

Upon returning to Boyd, Texas Marguerite packed up her belongings, returned
to Fort Worth, and rented a small apartment from Mr. E. D. Wheeler at 1612
Hurley through the remainder of 1961.
She listed her phone number as WA-46439, a number that was listed to Joyce Jones who occupied one of the three apartments. The 1961 and 1962 Fort Worth City Directory lists residents
at 1612 Hurley as Jerald M. Plummer and Darrell C. Quarles (Mary Ann). According to
the landlord, Mr. E. D. Wheeler, Quarles and Plummer occupied the lower apartments
while "Mrs. Oswald" resided in the upstairs apartment.
When interviewed by the FBI on April 10, "Marguerite" gave her address as
1612 Hurley in Fort Worth. Her neighbor, Darrell Quarles, remembered that "Mrs.
Oswald" was visited from time to time by a dark complexioned white male in his early
40's who was neatly dressed and wore a hat and sunglasses. Quarles said that "Mrs.
Oswald," who was then 53 years old, told him this man was her boyfriend.
329, 342

1618 St. Phillip Street (NO) 

As a child Marguerite Oswald  lived with her parents and siblings in a small house at 1618
St. Phillip Street.

1621 8th Avenue (FW) 

When Marguerite Oswald lived at 1612 Hurley she worked for 9 days at Ables Cleaners,
1621 8th Avenue(May 15 thru May 24).
WC Document 206, p. 146; FBI interview of J. B. Ables by SA Richard Rabideau, 12/24/63.

1653230 (LHO military ID) 146

1661 Paul Morphy (NO) 

In 1935 Robert Oswald and his family resided at 1661 Paul Morphy.
Orleans Parish voter registration records, 1936.

1710 Hall Street (Dallas) 

The Empire Room at 1710 Hall Street.

1727 Thomas Place (FW)

FBI SA John Fain lived at 1727 Thomas Place, only three blocks north of 2220 Thomas
Place, where Marguerite Oswald  resided in 1954 and 1963.

1875 Morris Avenue (NY) 

Marguerite enrolled Lee in Public School #117 (PS #117), located at 1875 Morris
Avenue in the Bronx, on September 30, 1952.

1914 Commerce Street (Dallas)

The Statler-Hilton Hotel located at 1914 Commerce Street ( 6 blocks from the Carousel Club), on October 31st, 1963, "Lee Oswald", accompanied by 2 other men, completed an employment application which indicated that he was married with two children (one child was only a week old), had previously been employed as a printer, had completed
the lOth grade, and spoke Russian. Lee Oswald was at work at the TSBD that day.
120. WC Document 206, p. 130-132; FBI interview of Mrs. Jo Fisher by SA James E. Garris, 12/12/63.
See also Layfield, Laura Mrs.

l917 Gallier(NO) 

In 1937 the Oswald family moved to 1917 Gallier, New Orleans.
CE 2201.

1941 Ford (Sports Drome) 736
1950 Ford 508
1952 Ford (Jimmy Burt) 852
1954 Buick (Maguerite Oswald) 292
1954 Chevrolet (Frazier) 796
1954 Ford (brown and white) er 776
1954 Oldsmobile (Ballew Texaco) 855
1955 Chevrolet station wagon 558, 592,

593, 722, 734, 752
1955 income tax return 114,291
1955 Pontiac station wagon

1956 income tax return 154, 291
1957 Chevrolet 509
1957 Chevrolet (black and white) 713
1957 Ford (blue and cream colored) 748
1957 Ford (seen by Bowers) 800
1957 income tax return 291
1957 Plymouth (Carl Mather) 872
1958 Chevrolet 508 •
1958 Chevrolet pickup (Benavides) 843,

1958 Ford 778
1958 Ford (blue and cream colored) 748
1958 income tax return 

224, 291
1959 income tax return 

289,290, 291 

1959 Oldsmobile (seen by Bowers)

 At 11:55 am Bowers observed a blue and white 1959 Oldsmobile station wagon
driving slowly down the Elm Street extension in front of the TSBD, which ended at the
railroad yard. The car had out of state license plates, a "Goldwater for 64" sticker on the
bumper, and was driven by a middle-aged white man with partly grey hair.

1959 passport, #1733242 

246,247,547, 617,660 

196 photos missing 


1960 Nash Rambler (Lawrence Howard)
A 1959 or 1960 light blue or light green Nash Rambler was owned by Lawrence Howard.
HSCA interview of Richard Magison, 5/24/77

1960 Oldsmobile (Ruby)

 Jack Ruby's car. A 1960 Oldsmobile (1963 Texas license tag PD 768; 1962 Texas license tag NL 4783)

1961 Chevrolet Impala (seen by Bowers)
One of 3 cars observed by Lee Bowers. This vehicle arrived shorlty after the departure of  a 1957 ford. It was a  white 1961 Chevrolet Impala with out-of-state plates driving slowly through the rail yard. 25 Nov 22-24

1961 Ford Falcon

 At 2:00pm on November 22 Mr. T.F. White was working at Mack's Automobile
Service at 114 W. 7th Street, 1 block south of Davis Street and 6 blocks north of the
Texas Theater. From his garage Mr. White noticed a 1961 red Ford Falcon speeding
west on Davis Street, and saw the same car a short while later as it drove into the El
Chico Restaurant parking lot across the street.
 872, 926

1961 or 1962 Nash Rambler 

 Richard Randolph Carr was one of the witnesses who saw a man on the 6th floor
prior to the shooting, and said he was wearing glasses, a hat, and a tan sportcoat. Carr saw
the same man, moments after the shooting, walking south on Houston directly towards
him. He said the man was wearing horn-rimmed glasses and was constantly looking back
over his shoulder towards the TSBD. When the man reached Commerce Street he
turned east, walked one block to Record Street, and got into a 1961 or 1962 light colored
Nash Rambler station wagon. The car was parked near the intersection of Commerce
and Record, facing north, and was driven by a "young negro man." Nov 2244'45T

1961 Pontiac Tempest (Bowley)

Automobile owned by Temple Ford Bowley . He and his 12-year-old daughter were driving west on lOth street in Oak cliff when they came upon the Tippit crime scene.


1962 Chevrolet (red) 

Floyd Guy Davis, owner of the Sport's Drome rifle range, observed this car driving on Davis Street in March 1964. The driver was a large "bearded man" he had seen previously at the rifle range on November 17.  He wrote down the license plate number of the car and gave it to the FBI in Dallas. The car was a 1961 or 62 red and white 4 door Chevrolet, license plate
number PW-2958, and was registered to the Southern Lead Rolling Company in Dallas.
WC testimony of Malcolm Howard Price Jr., 10 H 377; National Archives, FBI 124-10037-10228, DL 100-10461-4464; FBI
memo from Paul E. Stone, night clerk, to SAC Dallas, 3115/64. 

1962 Ford 

The Dallas Police sold patrol car #107 (a 1962 Ford) to used car dealer Elvis Blount, who also lived in Sulphur Springs, Texas, on April 17, 1963.
123 MAR, 63-17
we Exhibit 2045.?

1962 Nash Rambler (Clay Shaw) 

A 1962 Rambler Ambassador, 4-door station wagon, M#H 1717 87 was owned by Clay Shaw.
Letter from Womack Insurance Agency to Clay Shaw, 3/24/64.

1963 Cadillac (Jada)
Shortly after 12:00 noon,  11/22/63, 1963 Cadillac convertible (Louisiana license number 941-985) owned by Jada" Oeanette M. Conforto, struck pedestrian Charles Burnes as he was crossing Lemmon Avenue.

1963 Chevrolet (red) 

Vehicle spotted on  September 4, 1965 by Jerry Don Moore, while he was leaving the scene of Rose Cheramie's death. He noticed a 1963 or 1964 red Chevrolet opposite where the woman was lying that had not been there when he passed the area 15 minutes earlier.

1963 Mercury Comet Caliente 

1963 Mercury Comet Caliente 2-door hardtop, test driven by "Oswald" on Saturday, Nov 2nd 1963.
Oswald got behind the wheel and made a lasting impression on Bogard as he drove
over wet pavement on Stemmons Freeway in excess of 70 mph and then told Bogard
he would return in a couple of weeks with $3500 in cash to purchase the car.
That evening, fellow salesman EugeneWilson used the red Mercury Comet that Oswald test-drove to take his wife and friends home after a meeting at the Lone Star Bulldog Club in Fort Worth.

1963 passport (LHO)


1964 Ford (Jack Tatum)

Jack Roy Tatum stopped his 1964 red Ford Galaxie 500 at the corner of 1Oth and
Denver, before turning west onto 1Oth Street.

201 Hillsborough St. Apt 4 (Raleigh, NC)

In 1978 the HSCA contacted John David Hurt at 201 Hillsborough St. Apt 4 in
Raleigh, NC (phone# 919-834-7430).

202 S. Scott (NO) 

In August 1930, in, Robert and Margaret Oswald separated. Robert moved in with his older brother, Harvey, at 202 S. Scott Street, while Margaret returned to 120 N. Telemachus Street and lived with her stepfather.1

2038 Commerce (Dallas) 

The Texas Butcher Supply Company at 2038 Commerce (Dallas), were Ralph Leon Yates was a 27-year-old refrigeration serviceman.


205 Browder Street (Dallas) 

Location of the Ritz Delicatessen was 205 Browder Street, were Jack Ruby stopped and visited with Joe Glowacki, a Polish national who was employed at The Old Warsaw Restaurant in Dallas.

208 Hector Avenue (Metairie)) 

By early 1958 Palmer McBride had been attending bi-monthly meetings of the
NOAAA for three years, most recently at the home of Walter Gehrke, who lived at 208
Hector Avenue in Metairie, Louisiana.

210 Dauphine Street (NO) 

In the fall of 1957 Marguerite Oswald moved from 1031 W. 5th in Fort Worth to a small, second floor apartment in the Hotel Senator located at 210 Dauphine Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
we Exhibit 1386.?
WC Document 75, p.109; FBI interview ofNorman Aucoin, Hotel Senator, by SA Theodore Viater, 11/25/63.

2109 Alvar (NO)

In July 26, 1938, Robert and Marguerite Oswald
purchased a house at 2109 Alvar for $3900.18

212 Irving Blvd. (Irving, TX) 
Irving Sports Shop at 221 East Irving Blvd. in Irving. Owned by Woody Greener.

2125 Alvar (NO)

Mrs. Carleton LaBiche, a friend and neighbor who lived next door to the
Oswald's at 2125 Alvar, did not recognize the short, dumpy, heavy-set "Marguerite
Oswald" when she saw her on television after the assassination. 24

213 W. Jefferson (Hardy's Shoe) 

858, 885 

2136 Broadway (NO) 

Address listed when Marguerite Oswald began work on July 9, 1943 as the store manager
of Princess Hosiery.
On July 12, 1943, Dr. Cuthbert Brown removed a wart from the finger of Lee Harvey Oswald and his records listed the Oswalds' address as 2136 Broadway.

214 W. Neely (Oak Cliff) 

436,477,488, 491,492,500,502,505,506,516,

220 S. Telemachus (NO)

In 1930, the New Orleans City Directory listed Robert Lee Oswald as an agent for the Metropolitan
Insurance Company with an address of 220 S. Telemachus.13

221 East Irving Blvd. (Irving, TX) 

Location of the Irving Sports Shop.

221 Lancaster (Dallas) 

James Alfred Markham was the 20-year-old son of Helen Louise Markham. His brother lived at the Monte Leon Apartments at 221 Lancaster.


2210 Main Street (Dallas) 

708, 718, 728 

222 West 23rd St. (NY)

In 1963 Pamela Lillian Mumford was working in New York City and residing with Patricia Clare Rashleigh Winston at 222 West 23rd St.

2220 Thomas Place (FW)

 94, 101, 102, 108,283,293,417,732,779 

223 S. Ewing, #206 (Oak Cliff) 


223 S. Ewing, #207 (Oak Cliff) 

743, 789 

223 S. Ewing, #208 (Oak Cliff) 

789, 831 

223 S. Ewing (Oak Cliff) 

906, 925
223 South Ewing (Oak Cliff) 

227 Atlantic Avenue (NO) 

227 Dauphine (NO) 167, 173
231 W. Jefferson (Texas Theater) 840
2377 Dalworth (Grand Prairie, TX) 733
24 Theater Tickets/Patrons 866, 869,

2429 Napoleon Avenue (NO) 237
243(g) sanctions 383, 386, 387, 390
2514 West 5th (FW) 73 7
2515 W. 5th (Irving, TX) 506, 522, 524,

610, 726, 734,738, 740,743,751,

2533 Elm Street (Dallas) 766
26th of July Movement 178, 253
2703 Mercedes (FW) 403,404,411,

2822 McKinney (Dallas) 932
293 laundries (New Orleans) 855

30.06 copper-jacketed bullet 507, 510,
30.06 rifle 516, 521, 522
30.06 Steel-jacketed bullet 507, 510,
3006 Bristol Road (FW) 192, 196,203,
306 E. 7th (Dallas) 776
306 Pine Street (NO) 538
30th of November Revolutionary 537
310 South Industrial Blvd (Jiffy Store)

3124 W. 5th (FW) 236, 242, 248, 250,

3126 Harlendale (Oak Cliff) 763
313 Templeton Drive (FW) 224, 231
315 South Ervay (Dallas) 737
316 E. Donnell (Crowell, TX) 398
3201 McLean Street (FW) 252
325 E. 91st St. (NY) 43
3300 Willing (FW) 29, 33, 34, 36
331 E 12th Street (NY) 54
338 W. Jefferson (Top 10 Record Store)

3380th Tech. Training Group 158
3381st Student Squadron. 160
3383rd Student Squadron 160
3519 Fairmont (Dallas) 412,416
3519 Fairmore Rd. (Dallas) 413
3610 N. Beckley (Oak Cliff) 743
3613 Hurley (FW) 291

3616 Harley (FW) 252, 277, 278

3830 W. 6th (FW) 143, 144, 148, 156,
163, 164, 166, 174, 188, 194, 196,

3833 Westcliff Road (FW) 417
400 E. lOth (Barbara Davis) 851
400 E. Jefferson (Hughes Funeral Home)

401 E. Jefferson (Ballew Texaco) 855
4011 Turtle Creek (Dallas) 437
402 St. Charles St. (NO) 326
403 Camp Street (NO) 

403 E. 19th (Frank Cimino) 853
403 St. Charles St. (NO) 318
4049 South Carrolton (NO) 326
41-114-39-532 (LHO Selective Service)

411 Elm Street (Dallas) 779
415 S. Ervay (Dallas) 432
4173339 (LHO Soviet visa) 263
424 laundries (Dallas-Fort Worth) 855
4309 Colgate (Carl Mather) 872
4338 Newton (Dallas) 508
442 Canal Street (NO) 128, 136, 139
4524 Alta Vista Lane (Dallas) 405, 422
4621 Canal Street (NO) 73
4760 Trail Lake Drive (FW) 421
4800 Harley (FW) 411
4801 Victor Street (Dallas) 20
4833 Birchman (FW) 40, 53
4905 Magazine (NO) 436, 536, 538,

4907 Magazine (NO) 561, 563, 565,

4910 East Lancaster (FW) 148
4936 Collinwood (FW) 96, 108, 142,

143, 144, ·145, 148, 155, 164, 174,
500 E. Jefferson ( Johnny Reynolds Used

Car L 854
5001 Camp Bowie Blvd. (FW) 144
501 E. lOth (Frank Wright) 853
501 E. Jefferson (Harris Brothers Auto)

505 E. lOth (Jimmy Burt) 841, 853
515 South Houston (Dallas) 483
517 Cana1Street(NO) 370
520 Royal Street (NO) 573
522 Browder (Dallas) 415
526 Maritime Building (NO) 318
531 Lafayette (NO) 321, 366, 534, 557
5413 North Peters St. (NO) 18
544 Camp Street (NO) 325, 364, 366,

5930 La Vista Drive (Dallas) 421

6.5 mm cartridges 


601 West Nassau Street


602 Elsbeth (Oak Cliff) 


604 E. lOth (Town and Country Cafe) 

Lee Oswald walked past the Town and Country Cafe at 604 E lOth, crossed Marsalis Avenue, and continued walking west toward lOth & Patton (three blocks to the east).

604 Elsbeth (Oak Cliff) 

421, 545 

605 Elsbeth (Oak Cliff) 

When Lieutenant Jack Revill was gathering information on Oswald and prepared a list
of TSBD employees and their addresses, he listed Oswald's name as Harvey Lee Oswald and his address as 605 Elsbeth.
Oswald had not lived on Elsbeth since March 1963 and there was nothing related to the Elsbeth address in TSBD records.421t

605 N. Ervay (Dallas) 

On October 15th Oswald checked into the Dallas YMCA at 605 N. Ervay. He was assigned
room #415, at a cost of $2.25 per day, and remained at the "Y" until October 19.133

620 E. lOth (lOth St. Barber Shop) 

Shortly after 1:00 pm on 11/22/63, "Lee Oswald", wearing a white T-shirt and light-colored jacket,
walked past the 1Oth St. Barber Shop at 620 E. 1Oth. The shop was two blocks north of
Jack Ruby's apartment.  Mr. Clark, one of the barbers, was the 1st witness to see Oswald walking west on 1Oth Street, 4 blocks east of 1Oth & Patton. The FBI reported that Clark, "Had seen a man whom he would bet his life on was Oswald passing the shop in a great hurry and had commented on same to a customer in the chair."217 Novzz-67Lee

620 Gravier St. (NO)

621 N. Marsalis (Oak Cliff) 

Mary Bledsoe owned a house at 621 N. Marsalis and rented out 3 of her 4 bedrooms.

627 112 St. Peters Street (Jada) 

On November 26 FBI agents W f. Danielson, Jr. and William R McDonald
attempted to locate "]ada. "From the Louisiana State Department of Motor Vehicles in
Baton Rouge they learned the Cadillac was registered to Jeanette Conforto whose address
was 627 1/2 St. Peters Street in New Orleans. They checked the St. Peters address as well
as the address listed for Conforto in the telephone directory but were unable to locate her.37
National Archives, HSCA 180-10046-10327, FBI case files 44-24016-355; FBI teletype from SAC New Orleans to Director
and SAC Dallas re: Jeanette Conforto, 11126/63.

640 Rampart Street (NO)

On the morning of September 17 1963 Lee Oswald arrived at the Mexican
Consulate in New Orleans and filled out an application for a Mexican tourist visa.21
Guadalupe Ortega waited on Oswald and said he was the only person in the office at that
time. Oswald furnished a small photograph with his application, listed his profession as
"photographer," said he was employed at 640 Rampart Street, and indicated that he
planned to travel to Mexico by bus. Oswald was issued a 15-day tourist visa on form FM-
8, number No. 24085.

6470 Greenway (FW) 

Mrs. John Knight, who lived at 6470 Greenway in Fort Worth.
Report of the Ft. Worth Red Cross, 7/24/59.

7313 Davenport (FW) 

156, 177, 204, 210,249,392,395,399,400,436,

7408 Ewing (FW)

 22, 28, 29, 35, 38, 41,

757 French Street (NO)

After Marguerite and Lee left 1452 St. Marys, they stayed with her sister, Lillian Murret, for
the next few weeks at 757 French Street. 

 A few days after arriving in New Orleans in 1963 Oswald telephoned Lillian Murret and
asked if he could stay at their house. Mrs. Murret told the Warren Commission, "He said
he just wanted to put up there for a few days, you see, because he was trying to find a
job, he told me, and then he said he would send for Marina, his wife, and the child." She
invited Oswald to her home and remembered that he arrived on Monday (April 29) carrying
a small brown handbag, about 14 inches long.4
The following day (Tuesday, April30) Oswald telephoned Marina and told her
that he was staying with his aunt. Lillian Murret recalled, " ..... every morning he would
get up and go through the newspaper looking for a job, and he would go out every morning
with his newspaper, and he wouldn't come back until the afternoon, until supper
time. I had supper anywhere from 5 :30 to 6 o'clock, and he was there on time every day
for supper, and after supper he didn't leave the house. He would sit down about 6:30
or 7 o'clock, and look at some television programs, and then he would go right to bed,
and he did that every day while he was at the house."5
NOTE: When Lillian Murret was first interviewed by FBI Agents (October 1, 1963)
she said that Oswald did not stay at her home when he came to New Orleans in the summer of 1963. She said that he merely asked her if he could use her address while he was
seeking employment. From the available evidence it appears that Oswald lived at the ·
Murret's from April 29 thru May 9.
Shortly after Oswald's arrest on August 9 (Friday) FBI agents interviewed
Lillian Murret in her home at 757 French Street. She told the agents that when Oswald
first arrived in New Orleans (in April) he stayed at her home for a few days. She said that
a few days later a woman (Mrs. Paine) arrived in a brown station wagon with Marina and
their children, picked up Oswald, and helped him move to 4907 Magazine Street (on
May l1, 1963).

118, 532, 548, 569

77th and 2nd Avenue in Yorkville 8, 67
The day after the assassination the FBI office in New York received a telephone
call from Mrs. Jack Tippit, of Westport, Connecticut. Mrs. Tippit told FBI Agent James
McCarthy about a telephone call she had just received from a woman with a foreign
accent. The woman had read an article in the newspaper that identified Mrs. Tippit's
husband, Jack Tippit, as a relative of slain Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit. After reading
the article the woman decided to call the Tippits.
The woman told Mrs. Tippit that she was from New York and had come to
Westport, CN to make the telephone call so that the call could not be traced back to
her, as she was in fear for her life. The woman refused to identify herself and asked Mrs.
Tippit not to say anything to the press, as "they" would know who she was and "they"
would kill her. The woman said, "She knew Oswald's father and uncle who were Hungarians
and Communists." The woman continued, "Oswald's father and uncle had lived
at 77th and 2nd Avenue in Yorkville, New York City, and while living there they both
were unemployed, got their money from the Communists, and spent all their time on
Communist activities. "3 JFK101-08

80 Marks Place (NY)

In late 1955 Marguerite Oswald called John Pic from New Orleans and said she wanted to come for a visit. Pic's wife frowned on the idea and shared her thoughts with her husband. The Pic's were living in a small one-bedroom apartment at 80 Marks Place in Staten Island, New York. They had two children and no room to accommodate Lee and Marguerite. When Pic told his mother they could not allow her to. visit, Marguerite became very upset.60

8000 W. Davis (Sports Drome)

The Sports Drome Rifle range was located at 8000 W. Davis in Dallas. The range was south of Irving and 1/2 mile east of Grand Prairie on US Highway 80. Thirty-two-year-old Floyd Guy Davis and his wife,Virginia, were the owners of the rifle range that had 9 booths from which to shoot. The range opened for business on Saturday, October 26, 1963, shortly before the deer season (white tail) opened in November.110
736, 759

805 Greenwood (NO) 

In 1934 Robert Lee Oswald and his family resided at 805 Greenwood in New Orleans.

808 Summit (FW)

After the Oswald's moved out of Marguerite Oswalds apartment in July/August 1962 she informed Mr.Huffman that she was going to move in with a family who wanted her to reside in their house. But Marguerite didn't move in with a family, she moved into a small apartment at 808
Summit in Fort Worth.
403, 417

808 Taft Place (NO)

In 1935 Robert Lee Oswald and his family moved to 808 Taft Place, in the City Park Section, NO.

809 French (NO) 

After arriving in New Orleans in 1954, Lee and Marguerite moved in with her sister, Lillian Murret, at 809 French Street in the Lakeview area.
77, 82

825 East 179th Street (NY) 

Robert said, "After completing Metalsmith School at Millington, Tenn., I took
a 10 day leave. This was July or August of 1953."56 Robert stayed with Lee and his
mother at their apartment in the Bronx. Lana Greenberg, Oswald's neighbor in apartment
at 825 East 179th Street, remembered that Robert visited his mother on one occasion
in 1953.57

831 Pauline Street (NO)

On January 16, 1942 Marguerite sold her small house on Bartholomew Street for
$2100, giving her a profit of $900 that nearly doubled her investment. 29 She then moved
into a furnished room at 831 Pauline Street and began working for Bert's Shoe Store at
827 Canal Street in New Orleans.

910 Rampart Street (NO) 

In the late summer of 1963 many people frequented the Ryder Coffee House
at 910 Rampart Street and knew Lee Harvey Oswald. Some of those people, including
Pat and Pattie Gleason, Daphne Stapleton and her husband, and Howard Cohen lived
in the apartments over the shop.

9100 Grant Street (NO)

In later years the Evangelical Lutheran Bethleham
Orphan Asylum was re-named the Bethleham Children's Home and located at 9100
Grant Street.

921 Canal (NO) 

In July 1963 attorney Dean Andrews, who first spoke with Oswald six weeks earlier
in reference to his dishonorable discharge, walked past him as he was handing out
literature in front of the Maison Blanche Building at 921 Canal Street (Andrews law office
was in room #627 of the Maison Blanche Building85).

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