Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Upadate 24/9/14


I'm sorry that there has been no updates here for some time

However, over the last few months, Several others have developed a wonderful new tool for assassination researchers, based in some part on my index here, and with there own ongoing additions.

So, I would direct anyone interested to the following site. http://www.jfk-timeline.org/index.php?resetstack=1

The above is as close to what I wanted this site to achieve. So, if I don't continue to update, please utilise the above. It's a terrific resource, and will only keep growing.
Hopefully, one day, I will return to update. I still stay busy reading and  researching and collecting data. There is much more I wanted to do here. For now, the team at the timeline should be your one stop place.
Steve Duffy.